Old Mans Tune-Up booster for men over 50
Vince's Old Mans Tune-Up Facts

Vince's Old Mans Tune-Up - testosterone booster for men over 50, natural testosterone increase, male hormone booster,

Old Mans Tune-Up
30 serv

Vince Gazzara 680 strongman frame 2019

 Increase total and free testosterone naturally,  reduce estrogen,  increase blood flow,  and make it easier for your body to use fat for energy.

  A physical reset for men who are
still in the game

250 each hand farmers timbers
300 pound deadllifts - n64 in 65 minutes

   D-Aspartic Acid is the driver in this formula. It is a naturally occuring amino acid that is highest during teen years. It initiates your body's production of testosterone and release of growth hormone.

   DHEA is the raw material for your hormones, produced in the adrenal glands from cholesterol.

    Boron increases the amount of "free test" available from your total testosterone,      countering some of the effects of your body's SHBG  Sex Hormone Binding Globulin.  Free Test is about 10% of total test.

   DIM diindolemathane from cruciferous vegetables reduces excess estrogen, resulting in less SHBG.

   Citrulline is a nitric oxide booster, dilating your blood vessels for better blood flow.

   L-Carnitine is needed to break down body fat for energy. Your body makes less as you get older .

   Chromium helps to keep insulin levels steady, reducing glucose storage as fat.

Vince's Old Mans Tune-Up
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Vince Gazzara Old Mans Tune-Up

  I turned 70 June 9th 2022. I have been using our Old Mans Tune-up and other d-aspartic acid based supplements for the past 4 years.

  I have my testosterone levels checked several times a year. Consistently get these results:
   Total Test 800 or above
    Free Test around 70 to 80
...this is where we were in high school.

  Do Not  start a lifetime of hormone replacement shots if your own natural production can be revived.


   Testosterone levels of 800 to 1100 are in the high end of the "normal" range - likely where you were as a high school senior.

    This level helps you keep or increase muscle mass and bone density, and recover from lifting weights.

     Increased energy or sex drive for men in their fifties and sixties depends on many factors unrelated to test levels:
    Do you get enough sleep? ...have a bad diet?  ...carry a lot of extra fat? ...drink too much beer? ...ever exercise?  
    You can get yout test levels checked for about $80 by registering online at Healthone Labs and getting your blood drawn at a local clinic like Quest Diagnostics.  Results emailed in about 4 days

Old Mans Tune-Up

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